1. Shipping policy

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We currently ship to the UK and most countries in Europe. But if we do not ship to your country yet, please contact us at mary@illogicaldrinks.com and we will do our absolute best to get Mary to you.

We're offering free shipping on all purchases for a limited time for Mainland UK orders. 

In Mainland UK, we use Royal Mail 48H tracked & signed. When placing your order, you will receive a confirmation mail with a tracking number.

Orders usually take 2 working days to get to you.

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For Scottish Highlands, Scottish Isles and Northern Ireland locations, shipping may cost more and take longer than in Mainland UK. We always do our best to ensure the lowest shipping cost, but will contact you if there should be any extra costs.

We currently ship to the UK and most countries in Europe. But if we do not ship to your country yet, please contact us at mary@illogicaldrinks.com and we will try to see if we can ship to you.

That's not right. If you have not received your order, send us an email at mary@illogicaldrinks.com and we will get onto it straight away.

If your item has not been dispatched, you can cancel or change your order for any reason by emailing us at mary@illogicaldrinks.com.

If your order has already been dispatched you will be able to return unopened and sealed bottles within 30 days. We are unable to refund shipping costs.

If you believe the item you received is faulty, please contact us at  mary@illogicaldrinks.com.

Please return the bottle(s) unopened and sealed within 30 days. We are unable to refund shipping costs.

Please contact us at mary@illogicaldrinks.com and we will let you know the best way to get it back to us.

2. Taste and serve

Deliciously fresh and sophisticatedly dry.

Mary's natural botanicals give an aroma of freshly cut herbs and zesty citrus. The light touch of alcohol brings a complex depth allowing the juniper and angelica root to shine alongside basil and thyme. As the flavour evolves you are left with green pine, coriander seed and a hint of sage with a long, dry finish.

Tasting Notes:

Appearance: Delicate green tea with slight haze from the all natural botanicals.

Aroma: Bright, zesty herbs with a touch of fresh citrus.

Taste: Green! An incredibly natural flavour of culinary herbs with complex depth. A suggestion of dry vermouth, juniper and a hint of alcohol combine to become a resinous, dry martini style product.

Finish: Rosemary and citrus linger for a long time, aided by the light touch of alcohol for a sophisticated finish.

Mary's taste is designed to go with tonic. But there are no rules. Try it with soda for a lighter drink, or any of your other favourite mixes. 

We prefer a mix of 1 part Mary, to 2 parts tonic with lots of ice and garnished with cucumber & lemon thyme. 

But on other days we change up our garnish to something savoury like sage and black pepper, or something citrusy like orange. 

We're not fussed, drinking should be easy, so whatever you do, just make sure you do you — and garnish as your mood takes you.

3. What's in it and how's it made

Information about Mary and how it's made.

Mary is a deliciously fresh, sophisticatedly dry, 6% ABV botanical blend.

To make Mary we take 7 responsibly sourced distilled botanical essences (basil, thyme, sage, coriander seed, angelica root, juniper, pine) and blend them with a light touch of alcohol in England.

Mary is vegan, gluten free, low calorie, has no artificial flavours and is free from any sweeteners, sugars, carbs or allergens.

Rest assured, Mary is a very very light drink.

It only has 6% alcohol, to put that in perspective, a standard gin is about 40% alcohol.

When you mix Mary with tonic or soda, it will end up being about 1.5-2% alcohol which is far lower than a standard wine (12%).

Alcohol has a sophisticated taste that turns a soft drink into something more special. We added the lightest touch we could, to keep that taste, but lose the unwanted side effects of something full strength. It turns out, the magic number was 6%.

No, technically Mary is not a gin. But to make life easy, think of it as gin-esque.

What we can say is, if you like the botanical taste of gin but want a drink that's natural and has a lighter touch on your body and mind, then Mary is definitely for you.

Nope. Not a drop.

Mary has no sugar, artificial sweeteners (or carbs, for that matter). Mary's delicious taste comes from simple plants.

Our botanicals are carefully sourced then each distilled uniquely and individually to create concentrated botanical essences with the optimum, true herbal flavour. They are then blended together, with a little alcohol, to our proprietary recipe.

Mary is gladly: 

Carb free
Gluten free 
Lactose free
GMO free

None. Mary is free of all EU Food Allergen guideline ingredients.

We recommend consulting a doctor if you have any hesitations over drinking alcohol. 

Please always consume Mary responsibly and follow the alcohol consumption guidelines of your country.

A 1 Mary & 3 part tonic will have an alcohol strength of 1.5% and 0.3 alcohol units in the UK.

We are unable to advise if Mary is safe for consumption with specific medications.

We always recommend consulting a medical professional prior to consumption if you have any concerns.

4. How do I store Mary?

No, refrigeration is not required.

The best before date can be found on the back of your bottle.

Store in a cool, dry place, out of direct sunlight. Consume within 6 months of opening.

5. Distributor information

Info on how you can distribute or stock Mary.

We are Illogical Drinks, we’re an alcohol company that wants people to drink less and drink better. 

And for the first time in history that might not be so illogical.

Started by four industry professionals, we serve consumers who want to choose a drink with a lighter touch on their body, mind and the environment.

Drop an email to sales@illogicaldrinks.com, and we’ll be in touch.