Mary's Story

A drink with a lighter touch on your body, mind and the world.

What's Mary

Mary is a responsibly sourced botanical blend, with a dash of alcohol. It was specifically designed to have a lighter touch on your body, mind and the world. It has a deliciously fresh, sophisticatedly dry taste that goes perfectly with tonic.

Why include alcohol at all?

That’s a good question (we rhetorically asked ourselves). The answer: taste, of course.

It can’t be denied that alcohol has a taste. That’s why wine is more satisfying than grape juice and gin tastes better than cold tea. Alcohol adds sophistication and elegance and let’s face, it’s kind of delicious.

All we did was find a way of lowering the alcohol to such a level that we could keep the taste without ever losing control*. We reckon that’s a win win. And we’re all about win wins. 

(*Seriously, Mary has only 6% alcohol, to put that in perspective, a standard gin is about 40% alcohol. When you mix Mary with tonic or soda, it will get to 1.5% alcohol which is far lower than a standard wine at 12% alcohol).

Botanicals for freshness


Sustainably sourced basil adds a complex freshness and garden appeal.


Sage brings a savoury touch to help cut through the taste of tonic.


Sustainably produced thyme brings a fresh garden flavour with a long finish.

Botanicals for depth


Juniper adds a familiar and complex gin-like taste. Liquid by-products from the distillation are collected and refined to increased flavour.

Coriander Seed

Coriander seed can be harvested year-round and help drive a dry moreish taste.

Angelica Root

Steam-distilled angelica root creates an underlying sophisticated depth.

Botanicals for a touch of sophistication


The sharp taste of pine lifts the taste to ensure it is never overshadowed by mixers. Our pine distillate is made from pine needles that would otherwise be by-products of (sustainable) timber production.

Grain spirit

A light touch of grain spirit brings the sophisticated taste of alcohol, without the unwanted effects.